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Air Cushion Recovery in Kewanee & Geneseo, IL

Air cushion recovery is one of the methods that we can use to lift and upright your heavy duty vehicle after an accident. These devices are cylindrical shaped containers made out of a tough fabric. they can be placed underneath the vehicle and then inflated to lift or move the heavy load. This heavy duty vehicle recovery method allows us to save time by eliminating the need to unload the semi trailer or other heavy duty cargo-hauling vehicle.

Air Cushion Recovery in Kewanee and Geneseo, ILThere are many different instances in which Ince's Towing may choose to use air cushion recovery to help correct an overturned vehicle:

  • Overturned Tractor and Trailer
  • Underwater Vessel Recovery
  • Load Shifting
  • Aircraft Recovery
  • Entrapment Rescue Operation
  • Overturned Buses

These are all situations that can benefit from using air cushion recovery. Once the air cushions are placed underneath the overturned vehicle, they are inflated slowly and monitored by a team of experts. The vehicle is strapped down as the air cushions start to push it upright, preventing it from bouncing too much and tipping over in the other direction. The air bags that we use are built to withstand high amounts of pressure to help lift heavy objects. They can also help to upright vehicles in areas where it may not be easily accessible for larger equipment.

Air Cushion Recovery Options for Illinois

If you have just been in an accident with your heavy duty vehicle in the Kewanee or Geneseo, IL area, contact the team at Ince's Towing right away. We offer air cushion recovery services and several other solutions to recover, tow, and repair your vehicle and transport your cargo. Our operators are ready to take calls 24/7 at (309)852-0128. Our team is certified in Air Cushion Recovery and is also certified by WreckMaster.

Why is air cushion recovery a good option for taking care of overturned heavy duty vehicles after accidents? First, it provides a method that is usually able to save the load and does not require cargo to be unloaded. Also, air cushion recovery often prevents lane closures, as the amount of large equipment needed is minimized. This method is also good for rescue situations, as it can lift the vehicle smoothly, and can be used in tight spots. It is also a versatile solution that can even be used to recover submerged vehicles or boats and watercraft.

If you are in need of a recovery option for your heavy duty vehicle, call Ince's Towing to learn more about air cushion recovery solutions in the Geneseo and Kewanee, Illinois areas.

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