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Flatbed Towing in Kewanee & Geneseo, IL

Looking for a safer way to transport your car after a wreck or breakdown? Ince's Towing offers flatbed towing services for the Kewanee and Geneseo areas to get your car safely home. Flatbed towing is also often used to transport high-end cars to prevent wear and tear from occurring to the car. The professional tow truck drivers at Ince's will make sure that your car remains safe and sound all the way to the destination with flatbed towing services.

Flatbed towing can also be used to transport a variety of larger vehicles, including bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, etc. This machinery must be dragged onto the flatbed trailer by experienced professionals. Towing heavy duty vehicles is a complicated job that should be left to the experts at Ince's Towing. Our drivers are available to help with your heavy duty and automotive towing needs 24 hours a day. We only hire the best drivers, who are certified in Air Cushion recovery and also by WreckMaster. These drivers provide flatbed towing and more for both local and long distance situations.

Let us know if you are in need of flatbed towing today in the Geneseo or Kewanee, IL area by calling our dispatchers at (309)852-0128 as soon as possible.

Flatbed Towing and More from Ince's Towing in Illinois

Flatbed Towing in Geneseo and Kewanee, IL There are plenty of different situations that we can help you out with. Our fleet of tow trucks includes not only flatbed tow trucks, but also medium and heavy duty tow trucks, winch-out vehicles, and semi-truck tow trucks. This fleet allows us to send you the towing expert who will get the job done the most efficiently. Our range of flatbed towing and other towing services can tow vehicles including:

  • Cars or Trucks
  • School Buses
  • RV/Motorcoaches
  • Semi Tractor/Trailers
  • Boats
  • Construction Equipment
  • Tour Buses

These are some of the vehicles that we can tow using our wide variety of towing options. The team at Ince's is affiliated with AAA Motor Club, Volvo Action Service, Coach Net, Cross Country Motor Club, Fleetnet Roadside Towing and more. We also offer a variety of roadside services that can help you get back on the road in the event of a flat tire, dead battery, or empty tank.

Contact us if you are in need of either heavy duty towing or automotive towing services in the Geneseo, or Kewanee, IL area.

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We provide services at I-80 East Moline, IL scale and I-74 Moline, IL scale - Our shop is located just 15 minutes from scale house.

We offer the following load cargo services:

  • 60 ton Rotator Service
  • Portable Dock Service
  • Fork Lift Service
  • Load Shift -Transfer Service
  • Cargo Hauling
  • Cargo Storage