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Winterizing Vehicles in Kewanee & Geneseo, IL

Taking care of your vehicle in the wintertime is an important task, especially in Illinois cities like Geneseo and Kewanee, IL where extreme cold temperatures and snowfall are frequent. These cold temperatures can affect the way that your car runs. Some of the components of your vehicle that can be affected by winter weather and some winterizing vehicles Illinois solutions include:

  • Engine Oil: As the temperature outside changes, the engine oil in your vehicle also changes. This is why it is important to make sure that you are using the right oil for the season.
  • Engine Coolant: The coolant keeps the car from overheating, but it also protects the engine from corrosion. Ensuring that you are using a coolant with ethylene glycol during the winter can help protect the engine.Winterizing Vehicles Illinois from Ince's
  • Battery: The capacity of your battery is usually lower in the wintertime. Checking over the battery, terminals, cables, and fluid can help ensure that the battery is in good condition and ready for harsh winter temperatures and weather.
  • Tires: If your tires are old and worn down, they will not have enough traction to grip the icy winter roads. Replace old tires or invest in snow tires to keep safe on the snow-covered and icy roads during winter in Kewanee or Geneseo, IL.
  • Windshield: Making sure that your windshield washer fluid is well stocked can help keep you safe while driving behind cars and trucks on slush covered roads. Choose a fluid that has antifreeze in it to easily clear ice and snow on your windshield.
  • Door Locks: The door locks on your car might also freeze, and the doors themselves could freeze shut. To fix this, you can keep de-icer with you at work to help you get into your car.

These are some of the things that can go wrong with your vehicle in the wintertime. While it is good to be prepared for winter, and there are several steps you can take on your own, it is always good to have your vehicle looked over by a professional before winter hits.

Solutions for Winterizing Vehicles Illinois from Ince's Towing

We do more than just towing here at Ince's. We are proud to offer all of the expert options that you need to get your vehicle ready for winter. We can fix and replace tires on your car, check over the engine, change the oil or coolant, and handle any other winterizing tasks you may need completed. Our team of trained mechanics and technicians offer a full line of vehicle maintenance services for your car. This winter, put together your emergency kit and be sure to take your vehicle to Ince's shop to prepare for cold weather.

If you do end up getting stuck in the wintertime, we can help you out. Our dispatchers are ready to get you help at all hours of the day. We offer several different roadside assistance options and towing options for Illinois. We have locations in Kewanee, Geneseo, East Moline, IL and several other places in the area to make us accessible no matter where you are.

Contact us today for more information about winterizing vehicles Illinois solutions before winter hits you and your vehicle.

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